Flat Belly Fix – My Honest Review of Flat Belly Fix Program!

So you’re wondering if the Flat Belly Fix weight loss program is worth your time and money!

Don’t worry, here I’m going to share my experience with the product after using it and also I’m going to explain here how the Flat Belly Fix works and how you can make the most out of it!

My name is Esther T. Smithson and I’m from Lexington. I’ve been using the Flat Belly fix and following the diet for more than 12 months, and here I’m going to share my experience with this product!

Read on for our Flat Belly Fix review!

My Review in Short!

Before delving into my detailed review of the Flat Belly Fix program, check out

I’ve tried many weight loss and belly reduction program that I found online.

But Flat Belly Fix is the one that has helped me more and worked for me.

  • I lost 20 pounds in the first 3 and a half months.
  • I feel more confident with my leaner body.
  • I feel much better with my healthier body.
  • I’m more energetic now.

I have been able to achieve this because of the Flat Belly Fix program. And I’m grateful to Todd Lamb for making an awesome diet such as FBF.

Flat Belly Fix Review

Product Name Flat Belly Fix
Author/Creator Todd Lamb
Money Back Guarantee 60 Days
Turn around time 21 Days on average
Price $37
Direct Link Click Here

Introduction to Flat Belly Fix

The Flat Belly Fix diet program as the name suggests is a weight loss program that doesn’t include any workouts, but just diet management.

It comes as a downloadable eBook, and not a physical book that will ship to you.

But, along with the eBook you also get weekly video coaching sessions that help you to attain better shape.

They also guarantee a 100% success rate if you follow the program correctly.

The Flat Belly Fix program also promises to share powerful weight loss secrets, which you can easily incorporate into your daily diet very easily. They go as far as to promise that you will see a difference of 23 pounds in 21 days if you follow the diet correctly.

Now let’s dive into if they deliver on the promise or not!

What does Flat Belly Fix come with?

These are the stuff included with your Flat Belly Fix purchase:

  • The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix manual
  • 7 minute Flat Belly Protocol
  • Fat Belly Fix smoothie recipes
  • Elite Personal coaching
  • Private Facebook group access

Who is the man behind the Flat Belly Fix?

Todd Lamb is the creator of the Flat Belly Fix weight-loss program. He has been working as a police officer for the past 17 years, but he’s also a retired SWAT team leader, canine dog handler and also has military experience.

That alone gives him the track record of being fit no matter what. And he claims to have taken everything he learned from his vast experience to make this extensive and easy to follow the guide, which can be used by anyone to stay fit without much hassle!

What is Flat Belly Fix basically about?

The Flat Belly Fix weight loss program is a comprehensive 21-day diet routine based on military-style, muscle building, and fat burning regimes.

The Flat Belly Fix program contains instructions about:

  • Natural fat burning spices that you can buy from your local grocery store.
  • Fat burning exercises specifically designed for burning belly fat.
  • Daily 5-minute routine, for churning down the belly fat.
  • A special flat belly tea recipe which aids in reducing the belly fat, and also type-2 diabetes symptoms.

The program also contains video lessons, bonus eBooks and more for reducing the belly fat.

2 Basic Flat Belly Fix Principles:

Principle #1 – Flat Belly Fix Diet

Todd Lamb recommends three meals in the program, which mainly include Super Healthy tea. That’s the reason when most people talk about Flat Belly Fix, they’re talking about the Tea recipe (called Flat Belly Tea sometimes).

There are two meals only in this diet, one is the lunch and the other is the dinner.

They provide a complete list of foods, which are available in local grocery stores to be used.

There’s also a list of smoothie recipes you can consume with any of the two meals.

Here’s the list of all smoothies:

  • Green Turmeric Smoothie
  • Cocoberry Turmeric Smoothie
  • The Fast Five Smoothie
  • Coffee Smoothie
  • Coco-Avo Smoothie
  • Choco-Almond Smoothie
  • Banana-nut Smoothie

and more.

Principle #2 – Flat Belly Fix Exercise

The Flat Belly Fix program comes with 7 basic exercises, which you’ve to do every day.

It won’t take that much time, as each of these exercises takes 5 to 7 minutes only.

In case you need more exercises or you’re feeling not done with these simple exercises, there are bonus exercises you can follow with the bonus video session.

The creator of the program recommends you to do one exercise from the seven every day and repeat.

What do I like about the Flat Belly Fix program?

  • It’s simple, yet effective:
    The Flat Belly Fix program isn’t a complex program to understand, it’s rather simple. It even comes with video guides for making it even more simple. I guess that’s what everyone wants, a no-frills program which doesn’t bury you into scientific stuff or bore you with it. Flat Belly Fix is straight up to the point with its step by step guides.
  • It’s a comprehensive step-by-step program:
    Many other diet or workout programs talks in detail about its scientific background and working principle, but fails at explaining the basic stuff, that is how to do the workouts and how to follow the diet correctly. Flat Belly Fix excels in that regards, where it goes on explaining heavily with step by step guides about its diet plan and the simple workouts in the program.
  • Money-back guarantee:
    The Flat Belly Fix program comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. That gave me the confidence to even try it out first. I didn’t get a refund from them, as I found the program to be well worth the money I spent. However, if you feel this isn’t the right program for you, you can just go for the no questions asked refund from them!

How does the flat belly fix work on your body?

Find out what you can eat every day. Tasty dishes are prepared at home. You’ll find cocktails, an ideal and delicious food substitute, as well as detailed information on weight loss, such as insulin resistance, leptin sensitivity, and more. A “secret herb,” for example, turmeric, that will help you achieve your fitness goals without much fitness or gym affiliation. So if you consume this secret herb, it is sure that you can easily get rid of your excess weight. 

Contents of Flat Belly Fix

Here’s a quick preview of contents of Flat Belly Fix program:

Is there a Money Back Guarantee for the Flat Belly Fix program?


Flat Belly Fix comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can be assured you won’t be losing any money if you found the program useful for any reason!

Results of Flat Belly Fix:

First week: The Fast Phase:

Objective: lose between 2 and 3 pounds in a week of effort. For seven days, your diet consists of lean proteins (cod, hake, rump steak, veal shank …), low-sugar vegetables (broccoli, red and green cabbage, spinach, turnip, tomato …) and lean dairy products. All these foods can be consumed at will, without fat. Excludes simple or complex carbohydrates and lipids.

To make up for the lack of fat, consider broiling, microwave, water or court-bouillon and adding spices and condiments. “This dietary combination triggers rapid weight loss, because the body, without the intake of fat and carbohydrates, is forced to draw on its reserves, without risk of losing muscle.

A total phase that lasts four weeks maximum:

You reintroduce certain foods (fatty meat and oily fish, legumes, carrot, pumpkin, corn …), it is the total phase. “This phase lasts four weeks maximum, during which the amount of complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, etc.) is gradually increased during meals, and lipids are reintroduced.”

On the other hand, sweet products (including fruit) and alcohol are still not recommended.

The final phase to take its cruising speed.

You can eat anything again … reasonably. “And thanks to this new balanced diet, you will continue to lose weight because your caloric intake will always be a little below what you used before.

The basic principles of the Flat Belly Fix program:

In order to develop an effective and well-structured program for weight loss, it is crucial to combine weight training and cardio workouts. This program is in no way comparable to that of bodybuilding. Indeed, when the goal is to lose weight, the intensity is inevitably increased. Break times between the series, for example, are deliberately restricted. Classical training with free weights is a basis for weight loss that needs to be combined with a cardio workout.

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What are the main features of a weight loss program?

  1. Training in strength to maintain muscle development
  2. Endurance training (cardio) to burn fat
  3. High-intensity training

1. Frequency, duration, volume, and breaks:

How long? How many times per week? Taking what breaks? Many questions, but it’s good because we have many answers. To lose weight effectively, count on up to 3 to 4 weekly sessions. Indeed 5 to 7 sessions would not be compatible with your objectives. 

Let’s not forget that the caloric deficit necessary for weight loss already subjects the body to a high “stress.” So take the time to recover to avoid overtraining or overloading the cardiovascular system. Speaking cardio, it is important to do two cardio sessions a week to complete the strength training.

Regular training is essential to sculpt a toned and dynamic silhouette:

Why would you suffer 2 hours a day at the gym to burn fat or lose weight? It is sometimes better not to overdo it: a well-crafted session is not expected to exceed 60 to 90 minutes. By performing multiple strength and endurance exercises on short sessions, you stay focused on your goals. Thus, you lose weight effectively and without compromise.

Optimal fat burning is achieved by training with sets of 12 to 15 repetitions (endurance zone). 5 to 6 exercises can be integrated into a divided workout day of the weight loss program. It consists of training 30 minutes without breaks or exclusively with short breaks. These series burn a lot more calories and stimulate as much muscle and fitness as a classic strength training.

To maintain the best metabolism and cardiovascular system during training, it is advisable to limit the break time to 30 to 60 seconds between sets. Thus, fat burning works wonders, and your caloric intake during training is important. And to achieve even more easily a caloric deficit and to guarantee the success of your objectives, you can help of our Shape Shake. 

2. Know how to perform adapted exercises:

In this program, the sessions focus on complex core exercises. By soliciting several muscle groups at a time, you will significantly enhance the effectiveness of your training. To burn fat significantly, it is not advisable to practice countless isolation exercises for small groups of muscles. Here is a classic workout that will help you lose weight.

  • 5-10 minutes warm-up
  • Exercise for 45 sec – as many repetitions as possible
  • 30-sec break (if you are well trained, 15 sec)
  • 45-sec next exercise
  • Repeat this cycle four times
  • In the training period, there are several ways to perform all the elements of endurance (cardio): indeed, the high-intensity training can be done especially with a spinning bike, a treadmill or a stepper. What works his endurance thoroughly? We show you some simple exercises to integrate into your routine to ensure results that meet your expectations.

So from the above guide, it is clear that the Flat Belly Fix program is very effective for weight loss.

My Final Thoughts: Flat Belly Fix Review

I wholeheartedly recommend the 21 day Flat Belly Fix program for anyone looking for getting a flatter belly!

It is incredibly easy to follow the program, but it won’t work for you until you follow it

Don’t forget that the Flat Belly Fix program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which you can take advantage of. Try it out and if it isn’t worth your money, just get a refund, simple!

And by the way, we’ve our own special discount for you when you’re buying Flat Belly Fix using the link given below!

  • Proven Program, which has been around for years!
  • Easy to understand instructions.
  • Results are very fast!
  • 60 days Money back guarantee.
  • It’s an online only program, you won’t get a hard copy of the book.
  • You have to work on the instructions to get the results, just going through the training won’t bring you results.